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Each year, ARDC intends to award a total of several million dollars in grants of varied amounts to qualified recipients that can benefit from our funding. All of these awards must be used in a way that is in accord with ARDC’s mission. Some grants may be awarded for a more restricted purpose — they are given for application to or in support of a specified purpose or goal. Each award is accompanied by a letter denoting the purpose(s) for which the funds may be used by the recipient. Most, but not all, awards will be one-time (i.e, not repeated annually).


A list of all awards to date is available by clicking here.

Qualifying for a Grant from ARDC

An entity requesting a grant from ARDC must qualify under the following:

  • The entity must be a nonprofit public benefit organization, either qualified by the US Internal Revenue service by having been recognized as an exempt Public Charity under section 501(c)(3) of the IRC, or, for non-US organizations, by presenting a determination by competent counsel stating that under the laws of that organization’s country, the entity is the equivalent of a US 501(c)(3) exempt public charity.‡


  • The entity’s purpose must align with one or more of the stated purposes of ARDC. In the case where the entity in turn grants scholarships that the requested grant will in whole or in part fund, a scholarship itself must be for education or research into subject matter within the stated purposes of ARDC.

‡We hope that at some future date we will have approval from the IRS and sufficient administrative resources to carry out the government-required qualification and supervision of individuals and groups who do not meet the above public charity qualifications so that we may award grants to them too.

Applying for the Grant

To apply, we ask that you submit a brief preliminary grant proposal letter telling us

  1. Complete contact information include web site URLs and principals’ email addresses,
  2. A description of the organization or specific project for which you are requesting funds,
  3. What you hope to accomplish,
  4. How a grant to you will advance one or more of the stated purposes of ARDC,
  5. A description of how the funds would be spent and accounted for,
  6. How much money you’re asking for and why that amount,
  7. Briefly, anything else you think we should know.

The letter should be no more than four pages, plaintext, and in the English language. (Google Translate is acceptable if accompanied by the original text.) Shorter is better.

Submitting the Application

Submit the letter by [Method To Be Determined]….

You will receive an automated email acknowledgement assigning a receipt number. Please keep a record of that number; it will assist you in making enquiries regarding the status and progress of your proposal.

What Happens Next

When your preliminary proposal letter is received, it will be distributed to the members of the grants committee. They will examine it and make a recommendation based on their evaluation.

This may include requesting additional information from you, in which case you will be contacted.

Assuming a positive recommendation by the grants committee, the proposal, along with the grant committee’s recommendation, will be forwarded to the ARDC Board of Directors, who will consider it, and, probably after further correspondence with you, determine the possible grant, any conditions to be attached to the grant, and the amount of the award. In all cases, you will be kept apprised of the status of your request.


Please do not telephone.