Apply for a Grant

ARDC makes grants that fulfill our mission. In addition to fulfilling our mission, your project must align with at least one of our grantmaking categories:

  • Support & Growth of Amateur Radio,
  • Education, and
  • Technical Innovation.

ARDC accepts grant requests at any time, and reviews on a rolling basis. Historically, ARDC has funded 79% of grant requests submitted to us. 

To be eligible to receive an ARDC grant your organization must be one of the following eligible types:

Org. Type Location Current Future*
501(c)(3) Public Charity US
Fiscal Sponsorship by 501(c)(3) US
Government Entity US
International Charity/Nonprofit Int’l
School / University US & Int’l
Businesses / Non-501(c)(3)s US & Int’l
Individuals US & Int’l  

* assuming legality and operational capability

Further Information for Businesses and Non-501(c)(3)s:

Note that grants for satellite launches must have an approved application through the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), which should be listed on

Apply here:

Apply here



Tips for a successful grant request

When it comes to length, quality is valued over quantity. Though we would like you to be thorough, please keep your proposal as brief as possible and your file size as small as possible. Plain text is particularly welcome. 

Please submit your proposal in the English language. If you are not able to translate yourself, please provide a copy of your proposal translated by Google Translate or a similar service.

For more tips, examples of successful proposals, and assistance with your proposal visit:

What Happens Next

After submitting a grant request, you will receive an automated email acknowledgement. Please keep a copy of that email; it will assist you in making inquiries regarding the status and progress of your proposal.

Once we have received your proposal, it will be checked for eligibility and then distributed to the members of the Grants Advisory Committee. They will examine it and make a recommendation based on their evaluation. This may include requesting additional information from you, in which case you will be contacted.

Assuming a positive recommendation by the grants committee, the proposal – along with the grant committee’s recommendation – will be forwarded to the ARDC Board of Directors, who will consider it, and, probably after further correspondence with you, decide to accept or reject your grant request and the amount of the award. At this point, the board may decide to attach some conditions to the grant. In all cases, you will be kept apprised of the status of your request.

Please note that grant requests may take 30-90 days to process.