• Who can participate?
    Any licensed Amateur Radio Operator who is interested in experimenting with radio-based digital networking using the Internet protocols.
  • What can I do with your network?
    You can experiment with ham-radio-based networking. It’s not a substitute for buying Internet access from an ISP. The details of what you are and are not permitted to do are set forth in the AMPRNet Terms of Service.
  • How do I join the network?
    Methods vary. These days, most AMPRNet participants run a Linux system as a router having one or more radio ports, and perhaps a connection to their home Internet equipment. Links may be Internet tunnels, medium or high-speed radio, converted wireless access points, or a combination of these. See Joining the network.
  • What’s it cost?
    There is no charge for participation.
  • Why do you have such a big netspace?
    Dr. Hank Magnuski, KA6M, had the foresight to see that Internet-style networking would be the future and wanted the emerging amateur radio packet network to be able to participate. We were allocated a Class-A (a /8) network in the 1980’s when there was little demand for network space and large swaths of netspace were easily obtained.
  • You used to have a /8 (16 million addresses). What happened?
    In mid-2019, we sold one quarter (abount 4 million) of those addresses (a /10) to obtain funds to support our philanthropic arm. More information on that is available here.