Grantmaking Guidelines for Non-501(c)(3)s


What if I’m a radio club that is organized as a business or other type of non-501(C)(3)?

We understand that some small radio clubs may choose to organize themselves as an LLC, social club, or other type of group, given the burden of management and paperwork that goes into operating a nonprofit.

We encourage you to consider finding a nonprofit fiscal sponsor to work with, since this will make giving you a grant a lot less paperwork and time for you.

If you do not have a fiscal sponsor you would like to work with, and you have the capacity to manage the paperwork, you can still apply for a grant. In this case, we would use a process called expenditure responsibility to grant you the funds. You can see a list of the paperwork and requirements for accepting a grant here.

What if I’m a for-profit school or University?

ARDC is not interested in supporting for-profit schools or Universities at this time.

What if I am a business or non-501(c)(3) but I don’t operate to make a profit?

If you do not operate to make a profit, and instead conduct research, operate a community service, maintain emergency services, or provide education, we may be interested in hearing from you. Please contact us to share more about your situation.

See our guidance above for radio clubs.